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Please note: We DO NOT offer complete NEW turn-key systems at this time! We will not respond to requests for quotations for new systems.  We will post any used systems we are offering on this page.  We don’t keep a list or database of customers interested in used equipment items.  Thanks for your understanding.   All information is believed to be correct but not guaranteed. All items are subject to prior sale or withdrawal. We have photos of most items which we can e-mail to interested buyers. All used items are sold “As-Is, Where-Is,” and “Without Warranty Of Any Kind.” Payment in full is required before shipment or removal of equipment. Quoted prices are asking prices, and should be considered negotiable. All items are subject to prior sale or withdrawal without notice. No items will be held for any buyer without receipt of a cash deposit in good and collected funds. All items may be inspected, and we strongly encourage buyer inspections. Buyers are solely responsible for all rigging, loading, & shipping costs and arrangements. We can often provide referrals for re-installation & commissioning.

Brewing Systems, Brewhouses & Components:








15bbl Pub System


Bavarian Brew House

Bottling Lines, Fillers, Labelers & misc. packaging Machines:

Low Speed (up to 40 BPM)




(Price Reduced To Sell)

4 Head Meheen

4 Head Meheen


GAI 5003 A Bier

Medium Speed (40-150 BPM)

Moravek 12-12-1 Bottling Line with Paradigm 700 labeler

Moravek 12-12-1 Line

Moravek 12-12-1 Line

Complete Cimec 12/12/1 Bottling Line
(Price Reduced To Sell)


GAI Rinser


Cimec Filler & Crowner


Gongda 16/16/6 Monoblock Bottle Line


16/16/1 Monoblock


High Speed (150-250 BPM+)


Miscellaneous Packaging Equipment:

Contact us for other machines such as rinsers, case packers, case erectors & other packaging equipment.

Can Fillers & Lines:


Kegs & Keg Cleaning equipment:

Premier Stainless 3 station Semi-Auto Keg Washer- SOLD

Premier 3 Station Keg Washer

Premier 3 Station Keg Washer

Misc. equipment:

Inline Belt Driven Twist Rinser

15 BBL PUB Brewing Systems Fermenters

7 BBL and 20 BBL PUB Brewing Systems Brite Tanks

SfoggiaTech Magnum DE Filter

PALL Lenticular Filtration Equipment

USER MANUAL 1. For a timely response, email inquiries must include at minimum a full contact name, location, and working phone number.  Without this information you may land on the bottom of the list! 2. Our regular business hours are 8:30AM-4:00 PM Pacific Time Monday-Thursday.  We don’t have regular office hours on Fridays or weekends.  We invite phone calls during business hours.   Don’t expect a live response on telephone calls outside those hours.  Sometimes we will answer after hours, usually we will call back the next business day. 3. Everything offered is first come, first served, and subject to withdrawal or prior sale without notice. 4. All items are subject to prior sale or withdrawal without notice. 5. The only way we will “hold” or “reserve” equipment is with a NON-REFUNDABLE cash deposit– absolutely no “refundable deposits to hold for inspection.” 6. Buyers who want to inspect the equipment should be prepared to travel to the location IMMEDIATELY–that means on the next possible day or thereabouts. 7. Before calling or emailing us for a list and photos, CLICK THE LINK and it will take you to our detailed listing.  At least 20% of queries we receive have not done ONE MOUSE CLICK on a link in an email from us or on a Pro Brewer ad.  How hard is that? A lot of equipment is changing hands these days without ever being advertised.  Some is traded between private parties, and some we sell as quickly as we find it. There are so many inquiries coming in now that we can’t possibly respond to them all.  We try and get to as many as we can but efficiency dictates that we must prioritize.  The ones that drop to the lower levels of the list are:Inquiries that give us too little information or are too vague to effectively respond to.  Like this:”Hi, I’m planning to start a micro and am looking for pricing. Thanks, Joe”. No last name, no phone number,  no size or capacity specified, no location given. Those queries go to the bottom of the list.  Without at least a full name and working phone number, there is a 50/50 chance of getting no response from us. Or:  “What is the price? Thanks, Tom” We get a dozen or so inquiries per week that don’t even say what item they want a price on.  We’re not mind readers. Inquiries for information concerning school projects for hypothetical breweries.  Please read the informational pages on our site.  Sorry but we really don’t have time to quote (or guess) prices on stuff we probably don’t have to sell right now anyway. Inquiries for systems under 7 barrels brewhouse size, UNLESS we have something posted for sale. Please read our Nanobrewery Page. We will always respond to requests for quotes on specific systems that we have listed, or specific requests for unlisted equipment. It may not happen instantly if we don’t have the item.If you want to hasten response time, include a phone number, first and last name, company name if applicable, and location.   Email is fine up to a point, however we are strongly oriented towards phone contact.  All information is kept private and is not shared or sold. Having been in the industry since the 1980s, we’ve seen the business cycle in this industry come full circle once, and we can say for certain that it will happen again.  Breweries will close, used equipment will come on the market, and the number of buyers will drop.  Prices will fall.   When?  We don’t know, but an educated guess would be in a few months to 2 years.Meanwhile,  we’re doing a  brisk business on the packaging side.  Good bottle fillers and a few medium speed can fillers are available for those who are really serious about canning (we’re talking 100 CPM & up, the next step BEYOND a Cask line). We recommend to avoid disappointment that buyers should approach the market ready to buy, and be prepared to make strong cash offers.  Lenient terms, small deposits and extended payment schedules are a thing of the past.   Deals with financing and leasing contingencies are now impossible to  consummate.  “Lowball” and “Fishing for a steal” offers (in most cases in this market, less than 85% of asking price) will usually be bumped by a higher offer.  We don’t do “phone auctions,” shopping offers back and forth between buyers to generate a bidding war.  A full asking price offer that meets required payment terms will automatically close the deal.   We’ll make one comment that we often repeat to buyers.  In buying used equipment, you almost never find the exact package you are looking for.  We suggest that you don’t hesitate if there is a package that will work for you available, or someone else will snatch it.  You may then find yourself searching for many months for something comparable to the one you lost….just like quite a few buyers we have been working with. SOUND BREWING SYSTEMS, INC. IS THE CRAFT BREWING INDUSTRY’S LEADING SOURCE FOR USED BREWERY EQUIPMENT AND USED BOTTLING AND PACKAGING EQUIPMENT.  WE SPECIALIZE IN HIGH QUALITY USED BREWING SYSTEMS AND BOTTLING EQUIPMENT OF ALL SIZES, AND OFFER THE INDUSTRY’S BROADEST VARIETY OF  DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN MANUFACTURED EQUIPMENT.  WHETHER YOU NEED A BASIC INFUSION MASH BREWPUB SYSTEM OR AN AUTOMATED, DECOCTION MASH CAPABLE  PRODUCTION PLANT,  WE HAVE IT AVAILABLE OR CAN LOCATE IT.  WE BUY AND SELL EQUIPMENT WORLD WIDE.  WE ALSO SERVE THE WINE, BOTTLED WATER AND SODA INDUSTRIES.  WE  RECEIVE  NEW TO MARKET   ITEMS EVERY DAY, BUT IT IS NOT ALWAYS POSSIBLE TO POST EACH ITEM IMMEDIATELY, SO IF YOU DO NOT SEE WHAT YOU WANT ON OUR USED PAGES PLEASE CALL (360.705.8265) OR EMAIL US. WE ALSO OFFER A WIDE SELECTION OF NEW BREWERY EQUIPMENT FROM QUALITY MANUFACTURERS.  Sound Brewing Systems, Inc. is a supplier of products and services to the brewing, wine and beverage industries.   Founded in 1994, SBS has supplied equipment to hundreds of brewpubs and production breweries. We supply used equipment of all types, from brewhouses to bottling lines.  We invite you to explore our site and contact us if you are looking for new or used equipment or parts, need expert advice or have equipment to sell. Contact us OUR CONTACT INFORMATION: VOICE– 360.705.8265 E-MAIL soundbrewing@gmail.com All content Copyright (c) by Ron Allen and Sound Brewing Systems, LLC.  Terms of Use