In the maturing craft brewing industry, more and more used equipment is coming on the market. Breweries expand and are left with surplus equipment to sell. Growing breweries seek expansion capital and have a need to determine market value of equipment. Breweries close for a variety of reasons and the equipment is liquidated.

The value of used equipment is constantly fluctuating, and is affected by a wide variety of factors, including age, condition, manufacturer, geographical location, competing equipment on the market at a given moment, and other factors. We perform fair, unbiased and accurate appraisals for breweries, buyers of brewery equipment, financial institutions and others. Whether you are selling surplus equipment made available by expansion, seeking additional capital for growth, or liquidating a plant, we can give you a highly professional appraisal for very reasonable rates. We will present it in any form you require. If you need detailed schedules of a complete plant with line item values or a simple aggregate valuation, we will provide service tailored to your requirements at very reasonable rates.

Why use our appraisal services? We will provide you with an informed, fair market value appraisal of your equipment which is based on comparable sales. We have found that appraisals that are performed by firms that are not deeply involved in this industry have consistently undervalued used equipment. Conversely, some equipment brokers who appraise equipment over-value it, in hope of securing an exclusive listing on it from the seller. Auction houses that deal largely in restaurant, office and contractor equipment often under-appraise used brewery equipment. Many auction houses also do not have mailing lists that reach large numbers of likely buyers of brewery equipment, and so when they sell the equipment it frequently does not bring as much as it could. A used brew pub system, for example, should generally not be sold in the same offering as the associated restaurant equipment if the highest recovery is to be realized.

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