A Lenticular filter is a type of depth filter for carbonated drinks. Due to the channel-like nature of the filtration medium, the particles are retained throughout the medium within its structure, as opposed to on the surface. Depth filters pose the added advantage that they are able to attain a high quantity of particles without compromising the separation efficiency.

PALL Lenticular Housing with internal supports:  Holds Four 16″-diameter lenticular cartridges.  Excellent condition. $7,297.60

PALL SupraDisc lenticular filter cartridges:  0.5-micron nominal.  We have 16 of these (4 full sets).  They are used as the pre-filter to protect the membrane filter.  $268.00 each

PALL Membrane Filter Housing: Holds three 30″ cartridges.  Double O-ring seal on one end.

PALL Membrane Filters:  0.65-micron:  30″ length.  Double O-Ring seal on one end.  We have 3 of these (a single set) $280.00 each

lenticular-3   lenticular-2


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