Used 4 vessel DME brewhouse, with boiler, grain handling, 100hl HLT and 200hl CLT. Upgraded VfD’s on all process pumps, upgraded control box.

  • 25hl mash mixer
  • 25hl lauter tun w/rakes
  • 25hl steam kettle
  • 25hl separate whirlpool
  • 1.26 mil btu Fulton low pressure boiler
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Platform & stairs
  • All pipework & pumps w/VfD’s for each vessel; upgraded control box to house VfD’s.
  • 100hl hot liquor tank
  • 200hl horizontal cold liquor tank
  •  2 roller RAD mill & flex augers to feed direct to mash tun


DME 25hl v2












25HL top view

New in 2011, Installed in Kelowna BC, upgraded after 1 year of use. Changed owners in 2012; de-commissioned and in storage since.

asking price USD $160,000 – call or email if you’re interested.  More photo’s and detail equipment list are available.