Complete Cimec 12/12/1 Bottling Line

This is a complete used bottling line for sale. It has a GAI rotary rinser, and a Cimec filler and crowner. It also comes with a Kosme cold glue labeler. The asking price for the line is $50,000.

GAI-Rinser  CIMEC-Filler-Crowner  Turntable

’94 GAI 12-head Rotary Rinser
-12 & 22oz change parts
-4’x4′ stainless & plexi enclosure
-Pneumatic rinse pump & reservoir

’93 CIMEC “America” 12/1 Long Tube Filler & Crowner with Pre-Evac
-12 & 22oz change parts
-6’x4′ stainless monoblock
-Vacuum & reservoir
-Diaphragm product pump
-FOB jet & post-rinser

’94 Kosme “Extra-Fix” Cold Glue Labeler
-Small & large label change parts
-Currently using 1 station for front labels only; 2 other stations could do neck or back label
-Pneumatic glue pump

Other Equipment Included
-12.5cfm Air Compressor w/60 gallon tank
-45′ of Stainless Conveyor, 4 motors & 2 powered corners
-Stainless Dump Table/Unscrambler & 30″ Pack-off Turntable
-Manuals plus lots of spares, change parts, conveyor tracking, etc.

For more information or to request a video of the line running click here