15 Barrel Pub Brewing System Copper Clad

This is a used 15bbl Pub brewing system, manufactured in 1996. It is very close to being a turnkey system. All that is needed is a boiler and a cold box for the serving tanks. The system is being stored in New York.

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Equipment List

Brew House:
1 15 Barrel Pub Brewing Systems (steam fired)
Combo Mash/Lauter tun (10 barrel) stacked on hot liquor tank (15 barrel)
Kettle (15 Barrel)Connected via manifold to mounted brew house pump
Welded steam ring in place of bottom steam jacket


6 7 Barrel Pub Brewing Systems Single Wall Cylindrical Vessel
2 20 Barrel Pub Brewing Systems Single Wall Cylindrical Vessel

Process Equipment:
1 7 ton Edwards chiller (compressor and circulation pump replaced within the last year)
1 Automatic Mill motor with Hopper (3/5 hp)
1 Della Toffola 20 Plate and Frame Filter
1 20′ Drayton Flex Auger (1/2hp Motor)
1 1/2 hp Sterling Circulation pump
1 1 h/p Thompson circulation pump on cart
2 25′ (1″ dia.) brewery hose
1 35′ (1″ dia.) brewery hose
1 10′ (1″ dia.) brewery hose

Sale includes all clamps, gaskets, t-valves, spare parts, etc.

More pictures available upon request.

brew-house-3 brew-house